MH Trolley


MH Crash Cart


The Malignant Hyperthermia emergency trolley has been specifically developed with input by MH experts to deliver the ultimate in convenience and safety. It serves as a comprehensive aid in an acute MH crisis as well as known MHS cases.




W 690mm

D 518mm

H 927mm




  • Approved by MHCSA

  • 3 packs of Activated Charcoal Filters (Vapor-clean) that can deliver a vapor-free anaesthetic in less than 90 seconds. 

  • Fitted with an updated MH management crisis-chain which is a numbered flow chart to use to direct action during an acute MH crisis in a step-wise manner. It also aids in orchestrating the team effort necessary during this life-threatening event.

  • Comes with a customized laboratory form indicating necessary laboratory tests in the acute MH attack that are pivotal to use later to calculate LCRS. Results automatically directed to MHCSA to be included in MH database.

  • Fitted with the complete clinical scoring system necessary to grade an acute MH episode.

  • Fitted with all the necessary information to refer MH susceptible patients or family members for diagnostic testing. 

  • Comes with a  stock check inventory that should be signed by the recovery sister after stock control.

  • Comes with a Theatre Preparation Tick List to guide theatre personnel in correctly preparing for a MHS case and serve as proper documentation for the patient’s file.

  • MH crash cart is on wheels to be easily mobilized to the theatre where MH crisis happens.